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Tenacious Exemplar’s Upgrade Log

λ^18, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

Presiding Technician: ixutisdeadallhailixutisdeadallhailixutisdeadallhail ERROR

Installation Report:

Golden Champion
Naps among the darkened vats
Dreams of growth and change

Clay body and brass heart
Expanded to hold new might
Space for one more gift

Foes must fall faster
His burning halo enhanced
Strength shown through lightning

His martial wonders
Bound together in array
Dead hands make Dead Eye

Wake, gold champion
Brother of he who sees us
The dead give you life

λ^19, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

Presiding Technician: N/A

Installation Report:

Not installing anything, I’m just taking some time to study the nature of the soul and the mysteries of the Maker. After all we’ve seen, I felt it was necessary. I’m still just a beginner, an initiate into the occulted ways of the Maker, but some knowledge is better than no knowledge at all.
-Tenacious Exemplar

Tex Upgrade Logs

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