Story of Nüt

λ^23, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Reaches of the Pole of Metal (Hold of the ‘Goldie’ Tunnle Tug)

Hi journal, I hope you enjoy my company, the captain gave you to me so I could talk to someone when I was lonely or, “when you want to reach out and grasp your thoughts”. Giggle, the captain is so silly. I’m really happy journal – I have so many friends now. The captain is scary sometimes, but he’s like a jolly old grandpa most of the time. Tex, he’s always looking out for me like an older brother, I never had one of those before journal. The others, I just know we will become great friends!

But, journal, there is one person on the boat that no one likes. He’s big and scary like a thing out of nightmare, the weavers listen to him, the things that took my family away. I asked him about it journal – he said it had to be done to make the Maker well again. He said he does not know if my family was taken or if they escaped. I don’t know which to hope for journal! It’s been a year, if they ran, then they never came back for me. If they are dead…I’ll never see them again. Dad always told me that the Maker is the giver of life and that when he cleaned the flesh of the Maker and removed the trash from him – that he was helping the Maker help us. He said the Maker was more important than anything. The Maker is more important than him, or mom, or Ixut, or Sova, or even all of us together. The Maker is the world and he is love. If the Despot really helped the Maker…daddy would want that. I want to make them proud.

Tex does not like the Despot – he says he’s a gremlin. I don’t understand. The Champions kill gremlins and gremlins kill everything. The Despot does not act like that. He looks sad and lonely – like he’s been living in the sewers a lot longer than me and, worse, no ones found him yet. When he looks at me I feel the same way as when Tex and the Captain look at me. I am so lost journal. What would mommy and daddy do?

Story of Nüt

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