Session Zero - Things Remembered

Some days I have trouble remembering what I am.

It’s been easier since I joined this Assembly, being surrounded by others who are…more or less…like me, but alone in the Reaches it would take me by surprise now and again. I mean, I guess I never really forget, really, it’s just…ok-

Imagine this: you’re a mortal, Yugashi, Sovan, whatever – and you’re going about your day. I was a Regulator in that life, occasionally dispatched to the Reaches to assist in salvaging, hunting, whatever I was needed for, but ordinarily kept in my home Metropolis, Het. My name actually was Cogg, unless things have gotten mixed up in my mind, but that thought influenced me when I had to redesignate myself.

The trouble is, this mortal life doesn’t cut off clean for me. It’s closer to me than my life as a Champion, and I don’t remember dying. It must have been fast. It’s like a blink, the transition – I was there in the Wastes, a mortal man, then suddenly there I was again, as this thing.

It makes me nervous, because I remember what the Champions were back home. Then I look at myself and think, someone’s made a mistake.

I do have moments where the time between starts to come back to me, though – moments where I feel less confused, more determined. There is something that I’m looking for, something of deep importance.

Sometimes I worry that joining this Assembly will distract me from that purpose, but I doubt I was making much progress on my own. At least in their company I can broaden my range, and I suppose their clear penchant for danger will keep me from becoming idle.

Though…the measures that they have taken to further their own ends, their eternal search for resources strikes me as somewhat desperate, somewhat heretical. While that idea terrifies me, I have to admit that something about it has a particular resonance with my mind, and I feel fated to follow them.

Session Zero - Things Remembered

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