Record of Past Life

“Past Life”

Character: Merciful sharpened Edge

In the lower alleys of Ixut, a hulking alchemical champion tramples through, looking over his shoulder nervously. His body, once a model of efficiency and honor that he carried as a champion, is now a grotesque collage of charms, parts and machinery ripped from fallen warriors and grafted onto himself. He carries a large war-mace in his right hand, more a mass of metal and grafted pipes than a respectable weapon. Passing by rubbage and corpses, trying to shake off the grinding hunger in his head, he doesn’t notice as one of the discarded piles of machinery rose and found the shape of a humanoid. The dull grey and rusted pallet becomes a vibrant, immaculate white, with black lines traced along his form. Short grey hair with red tints colors his face, and blue eyes examine the form before him.

“Ah, you are the one known as “Fallen Hammer’, I presume?” He asks nonchalantly. The Gremlin turns around, eyes a mixture of panick, rage, and agony. His voice is a rumble of gravel and a mesh of matted voices, “Who’s askin?” He looks at the figure behind him, and laughs, “You come for vengeance, boy? Mean to make me pay?” He holds his hammer forward, “You think you can judge me better than those I’ve killed and eaten? You don’t even know the pain that drives us, boy… Your morals mean-”

A held finger silences the behemoth, “Do not worry, I come not to judge you. I have made errors, I have my circumstances, just as you.” He speaks plainly, almost as a friend. His eyes show no fear or anger at this killer “I have taken lives, just as you…” He admits simply “As you have guessed, I am here for such a purpose, to put it short.” He puts one foot behind the other in a defensive stance “But I am not here out of vengeance or judgement.” as he says this, he slides his left hand down his right arm, extending his fingers into a long blade, “I come to free you from your pain, to give you peace”

The Machine bellows with incredulous laughter, “Free me!? You think you can? Just like that? You know nothing of my pain!” Steam pours out from the various pipes woven into his body, “OF the madness and grinding and hunger! It cannot be quelled! There is no peace!” with that, he charges the smaller alchemical, bringing his hammer down with a wrenching crunch. Without a hint of fear, he sidesteps it. There’s an opportunity to counterattack, but he simply watches, then dodges the horizontal swing as it collides with one of the walls, making it buckle with the force. Dust and debris fly as he thrashes with reckless abandon, a club trying to hit a floating leaf. The hulking mass destroys the world around himself and his would be assailant. He brings his hammer up, a bellow of steam coming from it as he prepares to crash it down, but nothing happens. His arms, his body fail to move. A look of confusion and panic overcome him as he looks down, seeing a white blade run through his chest, then pulled out, stained by his internals.

The man helps him to lie on his back, a look of pity painted on his face, “I apologize for the unceremonious end, but I hope there wasn’t any pain in the incision?” The goliath can only shake his head, dumbfounded, “Your core internals have been disabled, along with your primary motors. I know it would be preferable to die ‘stained in the blood of your enemies’, but I personally detest bloodshed and turmoil, I hope I gave you a decent fight..” he takes out a small blade under his left wrist, “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing…Autochthon welcomes you back into his arms, and tomorrow will be a new day…a blank slate” The knife sinks into his core. He gasps, as his vision grows faint, “Be at peace, my friend…” His eyes slowly close, and the white figures hand reaches for his soul gem. The vision begins to blur until clipping out completely

-End of memory. Corruption minimal
-Memory restricted to high access

Record of Past Life

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