The Igriss Vats

The Sodalities technicians stood in a geometrically perfect star around the similarly perfected circular vat which appeared to be full of a faintly shimmering liquid. As they completed the final prayer their was a lone ripple that started at the edge and spread inward towards the center. The reverse of a drop of liquid falling on the surface.
Primarch Hallin whispered, "Iridescent Perceiver of Sensations Obfuscated…”

From the surface of the mercury-like liquid a single moonsilver filament emerged, tentatively questing forth in the air. A fraction of a moment later hundreds more slipped forth, many of which entwined together forming multiple metallic ribbons. Filaments reached outside the vat latching onto available structural supports while ribbons braced themselves against every horizontal and vertical surface. Then she rose and hung suspended in the air above the vat. The final few droplets of liquid sluiced off her alluring form.

Next she spoke. “Yes, I am.” Her voice was clear, light and pleasant. The harmonic vibrations promising aural pleasure.

The air wavered, her form shimmered and then she was gone.

“Let me see you.”

“Why? This is what I was made for. My natural state, as I’m sure you know.”

“Champions are admirable, perfectly suited for their tasks. Their form is often pleasing it its economy. And although you are not my life’s work, you are here by my grace. Be respectful.”

The air shimmered again, portraying a moment of intense heat, yet without any thermal fluctuation.

IPSO had arraigned herself in a lotus pose. She appeared as a youthful alluring woman… almost. Excellent posture, flawless cheekbones, full bust, lithe torso and a long shock of perfectly straight mercury hair… but the oval eyes set her apart. And her legs.

“Strange. I wonder what prompted the technicians to construct that shape of eye for you…” Hallin trailed off, seemingly musing to himself.

“Tell me, what need could be so great as to bring forth a lone champion?”

Hallin smirked, a rare expression on his face. “Direct. Information seeking. The Great Maker’s process is effective, as always. I’m sure you will learn subtlety over time.”

IPSO smiled, showing a perfect set of human teeth, but the clay around her eyes did not crease.

“I did not have an exact purpose in mind for you when I set this process in motion… but recent events have led me to believe you will be useful soon.”

“You are being vague. Deliberately. It is frustrating. If you have no immediate goal requiring my assistance then I will take my leave to pursue something more productive.”

“Proceed. We will speak again soon.”

IPSO rose, there was a sharp inhale of breath and several technicians took a hesitant step back. She towered over everyone in the room, despite her digitigrade legs which carried her swiftly out.

Hallin turned to the group of technicians with a faint scowl on his face. “Why did you make her so tall?”

One of the Meticulous Surgeons of the Body Electric stepped forward. “We did not. Her frame must have changed during the final prayer."


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