Preceptor Ordained

Igriss – Industrial Block 37-B – Maltis Cana’s Apartment

Out in the hallway a small furtive man raps on the door gently. One of the lights flickers angrily. The door opens and he plunges in.

He speaks quickly. “Cana, why are we meeting here, won’t this be dangerous?"

“Do you have the folio?”

He drops into a simple chair at the utilitarian table.

“That’s the first thing you ask me? Nobody else must be home then, that’s good at least. Yes, I have it. Aren’t you going to offer me tea or anything, ask how I am? Are you feeling okay?” He leans in to peer at her and places the back of his hand on her forehead. “You aren’t getting sick are you? You know there is that bug going around… well you feel fine at any rate.”

“No, I’m fine… just nervous.” Lucy trails off. “I’ll make us some tea, keep talking."

He closed his eyes and took a few breaths to calm himself. He listens for a moment to her tinkering in the kitchen.

“Well, we’re almost done. I can’t wait to get out of here. Our transportation is all taken care of and will meet us in the morning.” He pulls the folder out from a slim attache and drops it on the table.

Lucy comes back into the room with a tray bearing a steaming teapot and two artisan cups. Gently setting them on the table.

He reaches for the pot and begins to pour. Lucy casually picks up the folder and starts to open it.

“What? Stop that! You can’t open that! We’ll lose our chance.” His voice is raised.

“Sorry, I just have to be sure.” He seems to relax a little. Her eyes began to scan the contents.

“You are one crazy dame. Sometimes I wonder why I let you talk me into this. Do you want some tea?”

“No thanks, I hate tea.” She says with a grin, the skin around her eyes creasing slightly.

He froze.

“You what?” he stammered, meeting her eyes again. “Your eyes…” his voice cut off as his eyes immediately goggled and realization swept over him.

He moved to leap up from the chair, but before he had risen two inches several silvery filaments pierced the flesh between his rib cage and found his heart. Another ribbon caught the chair and kept it from falling while several more braced his limbs and brought him gently to the ground.

He was the first mortal I killed in this incarnation. I felt nothing for him, but I caught his body to avoid the mess. I felt concern about the state of the apartment for whomever the next tenant would be.

I walked over and closed his eyes.

He didn’t seem heretical to me… but I’d only known him a few minutes. Besides, the folder spoke volumes about their plans. I was a bit sad to feel nothing about returning a soul to the cycle, but my concern for the apartments next occupant was partially reassuring. The other sensation I felt was more concerning.

His death was a small thing, but I found it satisfying.

Preceptor Ordained

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