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An assassin, by definition, is one who takes another’s life. it is easy, therefore, to label them “murderer”. In some cases, this is an apt title, but an assassin is one who follows a cause. You must understand that sometimes, a life must be given, even if it is your own. You must be willing to give the life of anyone, even yourself, not out of indifference, mind you, but understanding.

An assassin must follow a cause for a reason. To take a life without a cause only incites pain, and accomplishes nothing. Without a cause or a belief, you are merely a weapon that brings hurt and sorrow. If you lack a cause, you must follow that of another. This is a dangerous path, as in another’s hands, you are a tool. While you can shape the world, you cannot guide it.
Some would say an assassin is bloodthirsty, eager to hurt or kill if it serves them…
This is…reprehensible, when true. I know of some who seek violence and the scent of blood, or the power they believe they have when they have claimed a life.

…I detest blood and pain… the death of another is necessary at times, but suffering is not. If I may spare my target the pain of wounds or the burden of murder, I have accomplished my goal. I…can only believe this path is right(eous). One can never truly pretend to know.

Philosophy - Assassins

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