Past Life Zareen

Zareen worked in a mining area, near Sova. While she wasn’t the strongest miner, she was one of the strongest. She lived a pretty normal life. She even had a husband and a child. One day…

“Gremlin attack!” The call went out throughout the camp, alarms began ringing. The non-miners were being evacuated as quickly as possible, but the slower ones were getting attacked.

Without even thinking, Zareen grabbed a large hammer, used for mining by adding pressure to pickaxes. She ran towards the invaders and began slamming the hammer into them. The smaller ones splattered instantly, while larger ones were thrown backwards. She pushed them back towards the mineshaft that they entered from. Casting one final look at her husband as he was carrying their daughter, they locked eyes for a moment. In that moment, he knew what she was planning. He tried to call for her to stop, but she knew it was the only way to keep her family safe. After taking a deep breath, she swung the hammer into the mine shaft’s support beam, bringing the while shaft down on-top of the gremlins… and herself.

After the dust cleared, the shaft was partially cleared. While they couldn’t find Zareen’s body, as it was crushed and shattered, they did find the hammer. They placed it in a special memorial and it was passed down through what was left of her family. It is currently in the possession of Zareen’s great-grandson in Sova.

Past Life Zareen

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