Entry Three - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^20, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Chamber 5
(Air Circulation Duct)

I had to leave the company of the Assembly in ‘Chamber 5’ nearly a day and a half ago. Pan’ta’chik reports that the only movement through the tunnel can be attributed to individuals and sometimes pairs, their weight upon her threads suggests that they are Champions, or at the least mortals in G.E.A.R.s (General Essence Animated Reinforcement/s), but nothing in the line of a Sovan Heavy Crawler. Lord Ku gave me no indication as to how long my Assembly may take within the city. It’s been quiet and careful work – but Pan’ta’chik set out some snares and we’ve got a small store of the more common tunnel rats for our larder. Their flesh will allow me the strength I need to recuperate my own motonic fluid reserves – Pan’ta’chik wounds have made her ravenous. I do wonder how long we can stay hidden here – security has become omnipresent so near Igris. We’ve already experienced a close call with an Illustrious Conductor, in the end he cleared out the rat bones in the shaft and took our shadows around the corner as the form of some larger predatory rat hurrying into the darkness. Later that same day the air duct was flooded with some form of poisonous gas, fortunately it seems to be an inhaled poison only, with no dermal uptake properties. Pan’ta’chik escaped into her sanctum and rests there still, the gas lingers yet. Still, I cannot read the threads; she will need to take up her duties again soon.

When the Assembly returns it will be time to take them to the Shrin’Khal Aham’Kara. Lord Ku sent me dreams of what he saw there. A place awash in golden light and a sea of clear oil full of strange creatures. Blessed are we to have Lord Ku’s guiding hand over us as we prepare to embark on this most necessary and holy of labors.

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Entry Three - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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