Entry Six - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^24, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Otherworldly Plane
(Shrin’Khal Aham’Kara)

I lay gazing upwards, my back to this wall of dust and organic waste, staring into a clear blue emptiness that seems to go on forever. I hear the lapping waves of clear fluid less than thirty feet away, it’s smell fills the air, smells of death and life. Here, there are no walls and no ceiling – I can not feel the Maker here – the only cries of pain and anguish come from my own soul. To be truly alone – I find it terrifying. In place of the the pain of the world – nothing. That this place seems so endless and so empty, it only adds to my trepidation.

When I look up I see some small beast circling on wings, so much like the shaft speeders and steam crawlers of our world…yet so different. How much energy must it take to remain aloft so long – yet it seems so effortless. I can smell the cloying scent of the dead woman lingering on the moist breeze. A feast for any beast or man who would but seek it out, and only the ripples of water nibble at its form. She died resisting these Deep Ones, I wonder how many I have killed in service to my Maker.

Then in all of this newness we have a bit of mystery drop from the nothingness above, an adjunct of dead Ixut, the Champion AdAM. I know not how that place could have created a life – as its soul flits between our world and the next. I’ve heard her cries of anguish and the madness that grips the shattered mind of the spiritually sundered champion. It is a sound only the dead make, yet, here he stands. A child of Ixut, a servant to the sacrificial lamb – I wonder what words she whispers to him. He will bear watching, but Lord Ku would expect no less from me.

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Entry Six - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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