Entry Seven - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^24, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Otherworldly Plane
(Shrin’Khal Aham’Kara)

This world is unto sand through the hands – it slips and slides. The world we knew: deep seas, tormented slaves, deep skies of blue – all of it was a fleeting dream. Now there is only darkness around us, spots of light shining from across an unknowable expanse of time and space – as we stand on a stone path that appears thousands of years old even as it has only existed moments. The laws of the world are even more fickle and capricious than before. A thousand steps can take you nowhere even as standing still can transport you to the edge of vision and beyond. Certainly this place is not Creation, it is strangeness, a place of the Ishvara. A place of solitude and cold – a place for a prisoner to escape into oneself.

Lord Ku told me that this was the closest site to see a reflection of Creation, how many of these captive Ishvara are their within his body. How much power must they provide, and yet still his body weakens.These beings know events that transpired before the Maker fled beyond his Seals – this must be the reason for this journey. The Maker fled Creation and the Minister of Fear would have us know of that world and the events that lead to his departure. I only wonder, why could he not tell us himself. What stills his tongue?

Sitting upon these stone steps, a great white light pulses outward as a song. It is a steady powerful light, not a flicker, yet it seems to carry so much meaning and promises so much. Love, life, happiness, a freedom from suffering – at the same time isolation, solitude, a loss of self. All that this being yearns for, seeking to forget its millennia of torment but no matter how many shapes it takes, it is immediately reminded by the very confines of its prison.

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Entry Seven - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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