Entry One - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^18, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Core of Ixut
(Gate of the Eight Seals)

Master Ku lead the Sovan Assembly to the Core this day – I saw his daughter for the first time. Designated: Systematic Purifying Piston, her assembly members simply call her Sys, a humorous name in that Ku has kept her separate from anything that could be thought of as a sister. She should feel honored, the sole Angel to be ushered into this project out of my masters vast brood. Then again, I suppose I am her brother after a fashion. Now with the oaths sworn to the master, assembly mates as well. A strange thing after so long with only the weavers and Pan’ta’chik for company. The Void’s song seems quieter now, it begged me to consume the Soulsteel when he was wounded, but only as a whisper.

They are whole and strong – I would be lying if I did not admit envy. When Sys’ fists caved in the skull of Pan’ta’chik, forced her to become smoke and return to her lair, the pain across the spiritual link was bliss. The sound of the dark oily fluids falling across the dusty ground as my familiar cut into Bolt’s chest , bliss. The terror in their eyes when my master threw off his illusions and stepped out in his full splendor, I could not keep the tears from my eyes. So long with only my own contemplation and the song of the Void – turning those mournful notes in my mind in a battle between freedom and suffering. My time as an ascetic in contemplation has ended – time has begun to move again. These Sovan Champions have brought me a great gift and the master will be pleased by the greatness we achieve in his name.

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Entry One - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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