Entry Four - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^22, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Chamber 5
(Hold of the Tunnle Tug ‘Goldie’)

The murder teams left the area a burned out wasteland just a dozen hours before the Assembly arrived – my store of rats quite depleted. Truth be told, I’ve ever had issue calculating Pan’ta’chik’s unrelenting consumption. In the end, my sister was kind enough to seek me out – Tenacious Exemplar and Heralding Academician lingering near the grey hulk so cleverly named ‘Goldie’. The grim looks on their faces spoke volumes. No doubt they find it troublesome to deal with one so afflicted – I’m just pleased to have intelligent beings to speak to. I had the weavers spare some of the mortals of the Theomachracy, but the experience was too much for them, they were simply mad men and of no further use to me. Champions are more adaptable and Ku has chosen the agents well.

To better understand my compatriots, and the evolution of our relationship, I will be recording the interpreted interactions of this second meeting with great scrutiny:

Heralding Academician of Xenostudies and the Outer Reaches, or simply HAXOR, seems the most capricious of the assembly. Certainly Ku has attested to as much when he gave me a debriefing on my Assembly before we left Ixut. I greeted the group in a light-hearted and humble manner, stating that my dialitic systems were depleted, I felt it a proper way to break the air of malice. I asked if they could spare blood to heal the wounds they caused my dear Pan’ta’chik. I was rather pleased to see the stone hard stares fall away to confusion with a twinge of fear or perhaps disgust. My sister was all too willing to spill her refined purity into the black jade alembic. I have to wonder, why does she so eagerly seek to please me? Master Ku has told me of Aurnia and the relationship that Sys and she share. I can only guess Sys’ desire for familial love is being projected upon me in absence of her “mother” – for which I am sure I am a poor substitute. Still, I am glad she is here – her open heart is a great boon and even a comfort.

The second to share his essence was the golden Tenacious Exemplar of Ascension; however, he goes by Tex to the point of exclusivity, really. I had offered the alembic to HAXOR first, but he was quite shaken, offering him a silver dagger I use myself – he sought solitude and his own thoughts. Tex took this opportunity to offer his blood, I felt that air of malice return, but it felt different now. You can see into a persons soul when you fight them in battle – I’ve seen the nobility of Tex’s soul and his need to protect others. Yet, he allowed me to assail HAXOR with cruel barbs. I sense an unease there – something amiss. HAX did later return with an offering of blood, he simply had wanted to do so in his own way, sterile and with privacy. I can respect that – he is well suited to his position as Assembly doctor.

With the offerings made I was ushered into the ships hold, a tight fit with the many shelves of materials and workstations. With permission from HAX I have already begun to rearrange the contents of the hold to more readily accept my girth. When the others had left, HAX stayed behind to brief me on their Igris activities. HAX is a brilliant man and very capable – but his talk of these “In-betweeners” and ravenous souls, it is clear I will need to speak to Master Ku about expanding his capabilities. It is fortunate that the Sleeping Beauties are part of the Assembly, of they would have been woefully inadequate for their tasks in Igris. Those inadequacies seem to have troubled HAX greatly – driving a wedge between him and his vat brothers. I know not if these ‘In-betweeners’ are good or evil – I know only that they serve Ku and have a purpose. This debate over Primarch Hallin and his humanity, whether his actions are heretical, none of it matters. In so long as these damaged souls serve Lord Ku – I must support them as allies. I feel I bonded with HAX over this debrief. Tex and Shield are still wary of my loyalties, of my control over my condition. I can only be patient and show them that some monsters have hearts and loyalties as well.

The final surprise came with a familiar scent. I had expected the Assembly to find the girl-child a home in Igris, but she remains here. For that I am most glad. She feels almost a part of me now, all those countless hours watching her scurry in the streets of Ixut. She was the lone pool of steel in a sea of slag – I could not let the weavers have her. I hope in time I can show her the necessity of my actions.

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Entry Four - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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