Comrades and Shiftmates, Tex

Varii Boza
I think Boza and I are going to get along fine. He seems to respect personal freedom and independence. A dangerous sentiment, but only if he takes it too far or tells it to the wrong folks. Truth is, we could all use a little life for ourselves, and I intend to see what I can do to help him achieve it. Hmm, I need to find out when he goes off-duty, maybe have dinner with him.

Juthungi Janka
Well, she certainly is… enthusiastic… about her work. I like eagerness and honesty, and she’s anything but coy. Anything but modest, too. I’d love to help her test out some of my Augmentations. Still… I’d also hate to rush into things and complicate our working relationship. You gotta get your boots on your feet before you think of getting in the saddle. Wait, what in the Void is a “saddle” anyway?

So, Janka is more enthusiastic than I thought, and had her sights set on some of my Vat Brothers (I like that term) who weren’t too comfortable with her advances. I decided to draw her attentions away, and keep her “needs” (as she put it) satisfied. The good news: my Augmentations (and many of my other Charms) work just fine. The bad news: I worry that Janka’s behavior isn’t healthy, and will only hurt her in the long term. I’ll try to keep her busy until I can come up with a solution.

Eudose Seuka
Now, this comrade right here is a lady. Easy on the eyes, sure, but I suspect her head’s always fixed on work, doing her duty with pride and self-confidence. I ought to turn myself over to Bolt, because I have a confession to make: I think I’m gonna spend quite a few off-duty hours trying to get her attention.

By the Maker, this poor guy seems more downtrodden than a Yugashi homosexual! I need to figure out just what happened to make a Champion of Sova seem so unhappy. But despite that, he is definitely an ace with a flute, and I appreciate his desire to help the Populat.

Also, it seems that Vist was from Ixut, and something happened to mess with his soulgem. So he can see and hear these… Inbetween souls, people who are dead but who haven’t returned to the Ewer. This has all been a lot for him to take in.

I know (still not sure how, must be some sort of implanted knowledge) that Soulsteels can be intense, but this comrade doesn’t seem bad at all. He doesn’t say much, but he seems to love the Maker deeply, and he’s definitely handy with that omnitool.

Maybe not the sharpest fire-ax when it comes to Janka, the Academician seems the most knowledgeable of all of us (must have superior data-implants), and everyone knows (again, implanted knowledge here) that Starmetals are all geniuses. Plus, he understands discretion when needed.

By the Maker and His Divine Ministers! An Angel of the Reaches, joining our Assembly! Awfully small, though. Maybe there is less room in the Reaches, and they need someone compact for tunnel duties. Hmm. Lord Domadomod referred to her as his daughter. Wait, does that mean she’s in charge of the Assembly now?

Well. That was wrong, now wasn’t it? Turns out Lord Domadomod was actually Lord Ku. And Sys had received memory-alteration as part of the ruse. Everything else about her is true, though, which is actually even more worrying now.

Duplicitous Emission
Hot. Famous. A worthwhile ally to have. A dangerous person to know. Perhaps when we return to Imtu, Vist and I can learn more.

Mator Abish
I feel for his people and their plight, but we need to keep our eyes open and our heads clear. Obviously, we’ll help if at all possible.

Or we would have, if there was anyone left to help. Brass Knot (Official Designation: Chamber 52) seems to be the last Exurb with any life. Greater Ixut is dead, its only residents the Weaver gremlins and what few souls were trapped there.

Koibal Aelux
Ixut is dead, at least officially, and the only people to represent would be in Greater Ixut. I have less sympathy for this one, but she has plenty of contacts that could make things tough for us if crossed.

And now we learn that neither she, nor her rival have a claim to press. Ixut is to be repurposed, not salvaged. And those gremlins are hardly a constituency for an Oligarch.

“The Despot”
My first instinct was to argue philosophy with him, but my Catechism module wasn’t installed, so I doubt I could have made much of a dent. My second instinct, once I realized what he was, was to line up a javelin to his head, which sure as the Void would have. I’m not sure that I’m glad I didn’t. It just isn’t right to have someone something like that on our mission. I’ll put up with him it for now, but I’m not taking my eyes off him it.

Comrades and Shiftmates, Tex

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