Building Fears

λ^19, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

Listen. I know I’m usually a goofy, get-along, go-along sort. I try to take things in stride, keep a smile up, maybe share it with others.

But we should have kept those Waste Reclamation Units, because the shit is way over our heads. Am I the only one who feels that we are failing our duties? Am I the only one who worries about just how far a Divine Minister is willing to go?

I’m a Preceptor, charged with finding and stopping Voidbringers and heretics. Bolt, you are a Regulator, for the Maker’s sake. You sentenced a man to death for keeping a minor ex-machina in his home. But you won’t bat a Soulsteel eyelash when we meet a conspiracy of abominations against the Maker’s Divine Plan?

Yeah, we were ordered to do this by Lord Ku. So what does that say about Lord Ku and Autochthon? Our society, our laws, everything we know and believe, has been revealed to us by almost five millenia of life within the Maker. There is a Divine Plan, and we know our part in it. So why is a Divine Minister so willing to destroy it?

How certain are we that Lord Ku is even who he says he is? What if he’s an Apostate in disguise? What if we all are his pawns in a plot to bring down Sova, or worse, to kill the Maker in the belief that we are actually saving Him?

Why am I, the most laid-back of the Assembly, the one who has to ask these questions?

But I can’t say that. If Bolt is biding his time, I don’t want to blow the lid off this thing before he is ready. Vist is obviously uncomfortable, but he’s got so many problems of his own, I’d rather not drag him into more trouble. Sys would never question Lord Ku.

So for now, I’ll wait, and try to keep my Assembly from falling to the Void. I pray that Bolt has not forgotten that duty, and that I will not be forced to take up his mantle. I’m too fun and free for that burden.

Building Fears

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