Academician's Missive to Lord Ku

To Our Lord and Master Ku,

In this missive I will give the most full report I am able on the situation of the mission and overall project from my perspective.

Currently all known and charted passages out of Sova appear to be blocked to us, further complicating our acquisition of the necessary Dead Gears. Igress- specifically our former comrade and vat-brother Bolt of the Shadowed Flame, has essentially banished us on pain of death hence-forth. It is my suspicion that the leader of the Institute there, Hallin Gomir, upon separating the two parts of his soul, lost his sense of honor and loyalty, leading to his betrayal and possible subversion of Bolt, as well as a complete severance with the rest of the Nation of Sova.

At the time of this message, the Exemplar, AdAM, and Shield are in Imtu. Without long-distance means of communication, I am therefor unable to ascertain the exact situation there; when I regain contact with them, I will report their findings. However I fear for the worst. Our former primary contact in Imtu, the Matriarch Lady Aleut Olya, is, as you are no doubt aware, deceased. Because of the former political situation in the capital, I suspect foul play on behalf of the Sova himself. Also during our absence, the capital was apparently assaulted heavily by gremlin hoards, which have manged to split the Sova’s forces south of Imtu. Soldiers on the southernmost fortifications in chamber sixteen ((OOC: Please correct me if that’s the wrong chamber!)) seem disillusioned and their morale seems to be waning. Furthermore, as we were initially greeted by a lower-ranking member of the militia, it would seem organization there is faltering and most of the higher-ranking and more experienced officials are forced to the front-lines. No champions were present whilst we were there.

At that point, upon a scouting report from our newest assembly mate, Cog, it was determined that the assembly would split- the aforementioned three heading to Imtu (against my very strongly-worded and felt advisement) while myself, Cog, and Syscal investigate the presence of both some tunnel-dwellers/refugees and the formerly-thought-destroyed Nephilum units created by Evolution. This is where somewhat better news begins.

In chamber sixty, we found a patchwork, but effective, fortification manned by a group of mixed tunnel folk and former Sovans holding off against gremlin incursions with the (admittedly hindered) Nephilum units I previously mentioned. Because the mortals did not know the origin of, or understand the units, they left them chained in strategic positions on the battlefield to ward off gremlins on their own. After I explained my knowledge of the Nephilum units and their origins, I convinced them to assist me in releasing and repairing the units as best I could. Furthermore, after some consideration, we have convinced the mortals and Nephilum alike to accompany us back to Ixut as new servants to our cause.

In addition, chamber sixty-five to the south contained their more technically-inclined craftsmen brethren, whom we also convinced to join us. It should be noted that for their limited resources and knowledge accessible to tunnel folk, the denizens of chamber sixty-five made impressive progress in establishing a long-term community. With the proper guidance, they could make excellent workers in a fully civilized society; and the members of the northern half are respectable defenders in their own right.

The reason I have brought these people, and the Nephilum units, back to Ixut, is multi-part. It is my hope that, once we (hopefully) re-establish contact with Evolution, we may be able to use both as recompense for Syscal’s short-sightedness, as well as leverage to gain her assistance in acquiring the gears we need, since she supposedly holds significant sway in Institute in Igress. (Additionally, I am hoping she will be able to assist us in recovering the wayward Despot.) As she is in need of resources to begin her research again, I believe the mortals could be offered as workers for her, in addition to the recovery of the units she assumed she lost.

In the meantime, both the units and the mortals could serve us in Ixut. The Nephilum in particular could assist in repelling attempted gremlin incursions, though they will need to be advised as to the special exception of the Weavers. Extra precaution should be taken to place the Nephilum away from the center of operations, as they have the unfortunate flaw of occasionally suffering some kind of catastrophic malfunction, leading to a berserk state of attacking everything in sight. Fortunately, this tendency is not common, and I believe I know some methods to reduce the chances of it happening. Furthermore, the others should assist in putting down any units that suffer such a malfunction. Evolution initially installed a self-destruct device in each unit for such occasions that could be activated remotely; however as she is not present, the proper method for detonating them is unknown. I will, with your leave, endeavor to learn of a way to do so ourselves as soon as possible.

The mortals, while perhaps not as useful in the interim, could at the very least assist in making repairs to the remnants of Ixut so that it could better suit your needs in the future. Presumably once the gateway is completed, a functional headquarters will be needed from which an exploration and, perhaps, settlement team can be launched. Though the weavers have served you well, I am sure, I worry that they could become a liability, rather than an asset, should something happen to the Despot and Pan’ta’chik. Because you are no doubt very busy, I will not bother you with questions on that matter, and will continue working on fall-back measures unless you advise or direct me to do otherwise.

While we still lack the vital Dead Gears, I hope that this news will bring you some reassurance. As a final note, on the matter of contacting Evolution, I was hoping I might initiate contact with her apparent patron and your colleague, Minister Domadamod. It is perhaps risky and uncomfortable, I admit; however I believe a helpful bond between both of them and ourselves is worth a try. The Examplar repeatedly references the “Faith” part of the solemn motto of “Faith, Dogma, Tools” and it occurs to me that it might be vital to place some such faith in another, admittedly unrelated project and agent of another minister who nonetheless share our desire to help the Maker. And given our common ground of treading the line of unorthodoxy in the name of necessity for the greater good, I believe we can appeal to their better natures. Ultimately I leave this decision to you, of course. If you are willing and able to effectively bring them back for negotiations, it would be greatly appreciated; however it is perfectly understandable if you deny this request, and you need but say the word and I will dismiss any thought of further collaboration with both on these matters.

I fear for the stability of the project at present, but I know no matter how furiously the fires assault us, we will see our way through the smoke to the other side with your guidance. I thank you for your patience, which no doubt we have tested in this mission, and will continue to put all of my efforts into seeking it’s success. As always, please do not hesitate to instruct me in any errors in judgement I have made- or to have one of your agents do it for you.

Your faithful Eye and servant,
The Academician

Academician's Missive to Lord Ku

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