About the Others

Since I have forgotten protocols, I must now add my opinion of my Assembly, including those who have left. I will use their shortened names, as it what they are called by me on a regular basis:

Hax: An intelligent doctor, needs to work a little on accessing his emotions, though he has gotten better since we started on our journey.

V: A jade-caste, able to take a beating and keep on moving. Is the most human of us all and enjoys playing music.

Vist: The ghost who resides in V’s soulgem, has actually saved my life recently, when dealing with the Horatio. From what I understand, he was a father in his life. I wish to speak with him more in the future.

Tex: What can I say about Tex that doesn’t make me look like a raving fan-girl? He is very protective of our entire group.

Bolt: I didn’t get to know him well enough before he went on mission, so there isn’t much to say.

Adam: The first of two new additions with… problems, since the start of this quest. Adam was an interesting sort, along with his other personality, Proxy.

Cog: The newest addition, missing almost his entire past. Hopefully, Lord Ku was able to shed some light where the shadows cover the past. We’re getting along well though, so that’s good.

Despot: My younger brother through Lord Ku. He has recently been dealt a harsh blow with the human child, Nuut, missing. I did what I could to find her, almost getting myself captured by the Horatio in the process. I hope he understands that I tried my best…

Nuut: A human child who was adopted by our group as a younger sister/mascot. Despot grew increasing close to her, along with Tex. While I always had an odd issue with her, I never wanted anything bad to happen to her. I hope she is still okay.

About the Others

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