The Rise of NeoSova

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A Good Foundation

For the first time since it’s catastrophic collapse, Ixut saw new life- true life, beyond the mechanical motions of the Weavers and certain Champions, and the mysterious presence one of the Most Divine. Human inhabitants, found and recovered from two exurbs- tunnel folk living in the remaining progeny of Ixut’s former hallmark charms, had, under the leadership and guidance of one of Ku’s chosen servants, begun to create a new city, of a fashion, under the watchful eye of Ku and in the shadow of his most critical project: Operation Reintegration Protocol.

The Heralding Academician of Xenostudies and the Outer Reaches was finally putting his initial legend and designation to proper use. Embracing with a passion his duty of guiding the wayward former tunnel-dwellers, he gave them only a short rest from their journey before quickly coralling them into good, steady work rebuilding some of the remains of the crumbling city. The first day of their welcome to Ixut was marked with hard work and strict supervision, but rewarded with strong heartfelt praise for their work and encouraging words of a better future for generations to come.

Rather than simply standing on a pedestal, HAX made a point to find likely leaders and push them the hardest, working one on one with as many as he could to show them the way. With subtle hints and blatant instruction where necessary, the Academician ensured structurally sound living quarters for all his master’s new servants- spartan and devoid of luxury, but structurally sound and marked with small reminders of their prayer responsibilities to their new master.

By the end of the first day, he had expended every mote of essence he could respire from the Maker’s graces to fuel his body to match the fervor in his Starmetal heart. He was cautious to avoid letting his molten sweat harm his new charges, but otherwise worked as closely with them as he could to ensure that his instructions were properly followed. By the time he finally allowed himself to rest, his exhaustion was nearly overshadowed by an intense feeling of ambition and fulfillment.

Praying and Divining
At the start of the next day, HAX called together the huddled masses he had brought to Ixut, that he might address their next major duty. Aside from a small number of homes that needed minor touch-ups, the initial structural foundation of their society was complete. But, in sync with both his own designation and many of their own passions and skills, it was time to begin honing their education and bolstering their specializations. And so he demonstrated some basic prayer procedures to Ku, followed by briefer, but still significant prayers to Domadmod and a moment of silent appreciation for fallen Ixut. From that point on through the rest of the day, he instructed the masses to spend their time in spiritual cleansing and prayer as he had prescribed, as he took aside separate groups to assign them tasks associated with their skills and Sodality-like organization. In particular, he sought out individuals with any kind of medical inclination or skill, so that he might make a workable facsimile of the Surgeons, to prepare for the inevitable workplace accidents that are prone to occur in an industrious society.

And so as the hours ticked by, the masses were left to prayer and contemplation, while individuals and small groups were assessed and assigned for their life ahead. While the previous day tested the durability of his labor augmentations, HAX was now sizzling and steaming with the immense intellect and other mental augmentations he had been blessed with, recording the names and proficencies of NeoSova’s citizens, and registering tasks for them to engage in during the ensuing days and weeks.

As his lists were compiled, he simultaneously began setting up shift schedules and planning classes for enhancing everyone’s skills. If his fledgling society was do be of any use to Ku’s project, they were going to need to compensate for their resource drain with a high degree of not only labor, but technical ability. Several times, he had to momentarily step back from his work to avoid causing a fire via the sparks of his soulgem getting close to his paperwork.

With the conclusion of the second day, he held a final assembly to thank everyone for their cooperation and encourage them all to keep their spiritual duties in mind in all their work. As they were dispersed to their homes, he gave each of them shift information to begin the next day.

Sharpening the Mind’s Tools
Despite his previous two days of rigorous activity, HAX pulled himself out of rest early the next day to prepare for the first properly organized day of shifts in his master’s new society. Not yet posessing a suitable method of announcing shift changes, he set about making a temporary one. After some intense calculations, mostly in his head, he proceeded to set up curved and bend chunks of metal, with some harassed assistance from a weaver or two in the case of a few larger pieces, at key sonic refraction points throughout the settled area of Ixut. Once they were in place, he found the appropriate focal point and placed the final piece on a chain, then hung it short way above the ground in a makeshift arch. He then hefted his mace and charged its essence field just enough to intensify the impact. Being of an intellectual leaning and very weak on the physical front, it was fortunate for him that he’d been blessed with a powermace to make up for his lack of personal strength. The last sixty seconds before the first shift- he smiled at the thought of being so precisely ahead of schedule- he stood in quiet waiting and contemplation. Three… two… one…


The impact left some small spiderweb cracks on the makeshift sounding board, but the sound rang throughout his little town, announcing the start of the first shift. Startled and groggy workers stumbled out of their new homes in confusion, but hastily jumped into activity after they remembered their daily duties. The very first shift was intentionally given the most basic tasks, allowing the workers to adjust to their duties and “get into the swing of things”, as HAX’s assembly mate, the Tenacious Exemplar, would likely put it.

Upon being reminded of his comrade’s colliquialisms, HAX paused for a brief moment to release a whistful sigh and contemplate the others’ locations. Were the situation otherwise, he imagined TEx would make a splendid assistant in this endeavor- indeed, between him and Shield, NeoSova could rapidly become a titan of industry with worker morale in spades. If the three of them could collaborate and form the true leaders of the three parts of a small Tripartate, NeoSova would surely do the Maker proud.

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts, realizing they had started to drift off-focus. He mentally cursed himself for such distractions. Clearly so much time spent with mortals had its intellectual drawbacks. But in the end he knew it would be more than worth it. And humans, for all their flaws, were still favored by the Maker for good reasons.

As the day progressed, he oversaw the people on their various tasks, and began instructing the Surgeons-in-training during the second shift, starting with a very direct and practical approach. Bringing forward the brightest ones in the group, he asked them who felt most suited to being in charge of their organization. When four of them volunteered, he had them turn to face the others.

“Progress is a frustrating, even painful journey for all involved. But its rewards are manifold. Sacrifices, however, must be made. Brace yourself, ladies and gentleman, for an intense learning experience.”

With that warning, he used his knowledge of pressure points and chakras to quickly and precisely disable all four volunteers and injure them in moderate, but reasonably quick and simple to fix ways. A dislocation here, minor cuts there, etc. He instructed them to contemplate the nature of their injures as he guided the others in diagnosing and remedying their conditions.

By the end of the lecture, he insured that all four volunteers were back on their feet and surprisingly pain-free. For the most part, his students did quite well, though he had to assist directly in one or two cases to finish things up.

The following shifts went by in the same manner, to the Academician’s significant satisfaction.

When his alloted rest time approached, he briefly sought out some of the more combat-capable former members of chamber sixty to begin forming a light security patrol for the boreholes to Ixut’s lower chamber, where the Nephilum were standing guard. He reminded them to keep a wary eye on the weavers, but not to attack them unless they attacked first. He also instructed them to warn him of any approaching visitors immediately.

After ensuring the mortal patrols were in place, he took a weaver down to the lower chamber to inform them of the same duties. Furthermore, he passed on additional instructions to them that were to be enacted under certain… unfortunate and uncooperative circumstances.

Once he returned to Ixut’s main level, he ensured that a structure near the boreholes was cleared and stable enough for his personal security purpouses. Two guards were stationed outside and given the best weapons and armor that could be aquired. He made a note to further improve them over the next few days. He sincerely hoped his red alert instructions would not be necessary, but he knew in all likelihood at least one or two individuals would make it necessary. And despite his fear and worry, he knew that he ultimately every precaution needed to be taken to ensure the project’s safety.

The Rise of NeoSova

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