Poems and Aphorisms

On Duty

No sacrifice too great
No hardship too small
For our Great Maker
We must give our all

- Stern Whip of Industry, The Collected Poems (not the best poetry in the Octet, but definitely heartfelt)

On Mercy

Runel’s mercy is reserved for the righteous. The Heretic, the Void-bringer, the Gremlin deserve it not.
- Harrowing Unstoppable Interrogator, Jade Caste

Never fail to correct the Heretic, or to teach the Tunnel Folk. They can be made to see their errors, and incorporated into Authochthon’s design. And if not, there are always the recycling tanks.
- Corrugated Fortress of Insight, Soulsteel Caste

Those who strengthen the Void, intentionally or not, do not deserve mercy. And yet, we must be prepared to offer it nonetheless. Perhaps we encourage them to guard their own thoughts, so that they don’t endanger themselves or others. Perhaps we gift them with enlightenment, so that they turn from their foolish path. And in the case of the truly corrupt, we can offer them a final release.
- Merciful Sharpened Edge, Moonsilver Caste

On Family

Each child serves the family. Each family serves the tribe. Each tribe serves the nation. Our nation serves the Maker.
- The First Sova

On Adversity

When things get hot, sometimes you just have to dive headfirst into the borehole.
- Heralding Academician of Xenostudies and the Outer Reaches

Poems and Aphorisms

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