Charlie-V: Patropolos of Kereth


Constructed along an almost 45-degree slope, Kereth is a soulsteel patropolis of right angles: high buildings with severe lines, grid-streets, and long black-and-red banners dominate the landscape. Its people are characterized as quiet but serene; spy-eyes peer down from atop the city’s buildings, while observation drones drift through his boulevards, always watching, making Kereth one of the safest places in the Octet.

With its population much reduced and the Reaches seemingly barren of bounty, all of this has changed. The youngest of Yugash’s four cities recently entered a state of dormancy; the Luminors cannot stoke his light grid to more than a fitful glow, and the factory machinery wheezes and gasps where workers labor furiously to keep Kereth alive. The street cars gather dust, unpowered, forcing laborers to trudge uphill to work. Extra shifts have been imposed, and all citizens are expected to spend their free time in redoubled prayer.

Discussion of Ixut has been forbidden by the Theomachracy, but the Sovan city’s doom is on the mind of every worker in Kereth, and often on their lips—the city’s eyes have been closed for months and the regulators are not accustomed to working without Kereth’s aid. As its citizens wait for a miracle, the clocks run down, the gauges drop month by month, and the shadows darken in the sleeping city.

Charlie-V: Patropolos of Kereth

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