Beta II: Nüt

Lone survivor of an Ixut exurb.


Nüt is a young girl of eleven to twelve years of age. Inquisitive, intelligent, cunning and brave – she has survived where thousands have perished. At the same time she has regressed to a younger self, her emotions stunted and childlike, often telling stories of family before the end. Spending so much time in the sewers with only the Ex-Machina – her red hair is disheveled and wild, her eyes grown accustomed to the dark and bright lights cause some discomfort, and she has developed a great deal of initiative having to fend for herself so long.

A child of the upper classes, a Sodalt father and a mother of the church, her intelligence is an ever present thing. She’s coming to grips with the death of Ixut now that she has people to speak to and this scarred flower is beginning to bloom again.


A young girl of Ixut’s upper class – Nüt has shown an ability to survive and an abnormal level of influence and understanding of the Ex Machina. Recently she has even begun to show a growing fluency with the language of the Ex Machine – developed after many seasonal shifts with the processing serpents.


Beta II: Nüt

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