Reintegration Protocol

The Truth Behind Ixut

Operation 1: The Truth Behind Ixut

Start Date: λ^14, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

End Date: λ^18, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

We have successfully arrived at The Wall, the barrier constructed around the fallen Patropolis of Ixut. Our journey has been difficult, but we take pride in the knowledge that none of us have died yet.

Shortly after leaving the Matropolis of Imtu from (designated as Chamber 11), we encountered a field of bones in the 11-51 Tunnel, the remains of a refugee convoy from Ixut. Vist and myself left the ship to gather up the Soulgems of the dead. Some sort of poison, nigh-undetectable even to our varied senses, infused the tunnel, and seeped into our vessel. Captain Toffa Russ and Quartermaster Himmel Hans fell ill, their senses failing and their breathing becoming labored. My Assembly gradually lost our sense of smell, but suffered no further harm. Bolt and Sys scouted ahead, seeking the source of the poison. Hax and Vist alternated between tending to the crew and attempting to seal the ship’s many openings. I took over at the Helm. Our hope was to stabilize the crew long enough to discover and neutralize the poison, or to escape out the far end of the tunnel. No source could be found, but Hax determined a treatment method for the crew. Sys opened up an Oxygen conduit on the roof of the tunnel, and Hax used it to stabilize the mortals. This bought us the time needed to exit the tunnel, entering into Chamber 51.

Chamber 51 was relatively empty, but had access to Chamber 52, where Overseer Mator Abish suggested we might find surviving citizens. A massive armored door separated the two chambers, its surface marked with glyphs signifying “alive inside.” Upon seeking to access Chamber 52, we were met with mild suspicion, which we allayed through cooperation. Satisfied we were not a threat, we were allowed inside.

Chamber 52 was a shocking contrast to the poisoned tunnel and the abandoned chambers we had seen before. It had plenty of lighting, healthy people, and an advanced medical facility where our crew was taken for healing. The source of all these blessings was Evocation, one of Sova’s brightest minds. She had come to Chamber 52 seeking a new place to continue her research, and had stayed to help fight off the Gremlin assaults from the nearby Blight Zone. This dovetailed with her research, which involved a way to… modify crippled soldiers and fuse them into armored suits, creating a self-aware weapon system. Though not entirely comfortable with certain aspects of the project, the Assembly fought alongside these “Nephilim Units,” and found they were dependable allies.


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