Tenacious Exemplar's Log

Service Records of Champion Candidate-Soul # XXXXX

Comrades and Shiftmates – Tex’s thoughts on people he has met

Upgrade Logs – A record of Tex’s advancements and learning experiences over the course of the story

Poems and Aphorisms – Some of Tex’s favorite quotes

Naivete – Tex considers the mission his Assembly has been granted by Lord Domadomod

Working Out the Kinks – Technician Janka tests out Tex’s augmentations

Building Fears – Tex muses on duty and dogma while in Igris

After the World – Tex’s thoughts on the mission to Shrin’Khal Aham’Kara

Blood and Rust – A glimpse of Gremlin Syndrome

Little, and Broken… – Tex considers Sys’ family situation

Blood and Rust, Redux – Tex touches the Blight for a second time

Cynicism – Tex considers how much his mission and worldview have changed

Further Log Entries Pending

Tenacious Exemplar's Log

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