Service Records, Tex

Compiled by the Glorious Luminors of the Brilliant Rapture. For the Eyes of Senior Luminors and Illustrious Conductor Varii Boza, Only.

First Entry: Gir (suspected to be of the exiled V’loth tribe), DA XXXX
Tunnel-Folk Refugee / Lumpen Laborer

Gir was brought in by a Regulator patrol, who reported that he had voluntarily surrendered himself to their custody, seeking asylum and re-integration to society. Further questioning revealed that he had been part of a foraging expedition with other Tunnel-folk, and was the only survivor of a gremlin attack. He refused to divulge the exact location of his settlement, but was otherwise found to be harmless. Within two days, he had been approved for Soulgem implantation, and was assigned to work the boreholes.

His origins earned him enmity, even from the other Lumpen, and so he endured harsh discrimination. Sometimes he would mysteriously trip in the food lines, or some of his protective clothing might go missing. He was on nearly permanent assignment to the deepest and hottest parts of the mining shafts. Despite this, he worked dutifully in the terrible heat of the boreholes, and eventually earned minor respect for volunteering to take double or even triple shifts. When he died of exhaustion at what the Surgeons suspect to have been the age of 52, his work-group supervisor had this to say: “His body did the work of three men. His example, the work of one hundred.”

Middle Entry: Ket Alma, DA XXXX
Disgraced Plutarch / Secret Scapegoat

Born into the prodigious Ket family, Alma struggled through her early life to stand out among the vast numbers of her siblings and cousins. She found her niche in mediating disputes, older children noting that her suggestions were fair and balanced, and younger children being convinced this was the case by the good reputation Alma was building up in the family.

She tested well for service in the Olgotary, eventually being trained as an Adjudicator handling minor crimes and disputes. Over the next ten years, she found that her favorite cases were those where no single party bore all the blame, but instead the solution lay in a complex series of exchanges, compromises, and agreements.

The problem with this, Alma discovered, was that such far-reaching solutions were not actually legal for Adjudicators to pursue, as they stretched too far beyond the allowed interpretations of the law. Often she was forced to make quiet suggestions behind the scenes, risking censure and reprimand, or else push through an unsatisfactory solution that was within her power.

This led her to transfer to a position as a Plutarch, from which she campaigned for laws and ordinances that would allow greater interpretational freedom for Adjudicators, as well as the ability for them to interface with other officials to better carry out solutions. It is thought that these ordinances only passed due to her skill at brokering favors and anticipating chains of events, skills which she continued to hone for another decade.

Records of her eventual downfall and demotion are conspicuously missing, but later investigations noted that, around the time she was reprimanded for minor corruption, several high-ranking members of the Tripartite quietly retired from service, and the following year saw Adjudicators in her city win several awards for efficiency. Meanwhile, Alma was sent to live out the rest of her life in a distant border town, where she is rumored to have been quietly reinstated as an Adjudicator. Certainly, the town boasted a low crime rate, and was strangely immune to Yugashi raids during her lifetime.

Last Entry: Mongolic Coyn, DA 4837
Discontent Harvester / Rat-Wrangler

Coyn was never a good fit for the Pious Harvesters. While he had no qualms getting his hands dirty, and was a fine chef, he chafed at the regulations and requirements of a Sodalt’s life. With his bad behavior, he was clearly unfit for the sacred duty of soul release. He racked up demerit after demerit, until he was finally demoted to assisting the Conductors on joint repair missions under the metropolis. As a shortage of nutrient slurry rocked the city, it was deemed vital that all existing supplies and equipment be in perfect condition.

It was during one such mission that he noticed something. The Rat-Slaying Electrification Grid had been offline for a month of maintenance, and in the meantime, the rat population had become much bolder. Where they had once darted and scurried through the tiniest passages, now they were easier to catch. He studied them carefully, and discovered that they could feed upon even the least reclaimable refuse. Experimentally, he snared several and took them back for food preparation. As he served the delicious meal to his superiors, he explained his plan, and despite his reputation, they agreed to consider it.

The Rat-Slaying Electrification Grid was left offline, and Coyn gathered up many of his tribe to assist him. They learned to bait the rats, luring them to piles of trash that neither the city nor the Maker had any need for, tracked their breeding, and learned new ways to snare them. The meat brought in made little dent in the food shortage, but vastly improved morale. Sadly, Coyn did not survive more than two years of this. When he discovered a vast nest, centered around a previously unknown nutrient conduit, the rats spotted him and began to flee. He blocked the biggest exit with his own body, fending off attacks from the desperate horde, and called to his companions to retreat and activate the Grid.

They found his electrocuted remains still locked in place, preventing the rats’ escape, and enough cooked rat to provide a meal for every member of the Populat. They held a feast in his memory, and everyone present insisted the rats were flavored with his sacrifice.

Service Records, Tex

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