Service of Souls

Name: Rodar
Location: {Classified}
Year: {Classified}

Rodar was a mechanic for the city of {Classified} for many happy, Great Maker loving years. He lived most of his life in quiet solitude in the hum of the core of {Classified}. He came to love the city, not as a shelter but as a being. For years he whispered to the core, telling {Classified} of his day. All was peaceful until the day he met Onyx Mantis Of The Melted Path. He first met her outside of the core to {Classified}, she stood lean and tall like the thin tubes of The Great Maker yet she seemed strong even though she wore a thick leather jacket that covered her whole body. Onyx Mantis looked down to him, reached into her jacket, produce a Regulator badge, handed to Rodar, and said, “Protect this city which you love child of our world.” With that said, Onyx Mantis quickly left town.

Rodar sat in the core for days it seemed staring at the badge while remembering Onyx Mantis’ words over and over. On the fourth day after Onyx Mantis’ departure, Rodar heard the warning bells of Gremlins approaching. Within hours, Gremlins were in the walls of {Classified}. Rodar rushed out of the core to discover people left and right being slaughtered by the horrific Gremlins, and that is when a blade went through his stomach. The Gremlin who the blade belonged to soon found itself crushed by Rodar’s wrench. After several pain-staking minutes, Rodar managed to crawl back to the core. Between the hum of the core Rodar could hear the screams of people and the shouts of the Gremlins. Minutes later he hears the Gremlins beating on the doors to the core. He couldn’t let them have the city…but how? With time running out he came up with one final option, detonate the core. Rodar began working to overload the core. It was hard work, especially working with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he kept saying as he continued to work. The doors were about to give way to the Gremlins when his work was complete. Through teary eyes, Rodar made the final adjustment, “I’m sorry…my love. It is for the best.” With the adjustment made the core started overloading. Before the core finally blew Rodar heard a voice, “You have done well my…patriot.” Rodar’s eyes widened then all he felt was…hot. [End of Transmission]

[Rest of Service Records are deemed Classified]

Service of Souls

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