Past Incarnations - Threbin, Vat Technician, DA 3746

Second Entry: Threbin, Vat Technician, DA 3746

Through my multitude of lives, I have served Lord Ku once before, as a Vat Technician within one of his Adamant Citadels. Even the archives of Lord Ku have forgotten my family name from that time; few retain such artificial identity in the metropolises of the Core. What I do recall is this:

Alarms are ringing in the complex, we have three angels on the slab undergoing retrofit, it seems one has come down with the affliction. We caught it early, this time; I see the nascent veins of darkness within her crystal frame now. I can feel the sadness grip me, another friend and Champion that will have to be sacrificed. In the last twenty cycles, this is the third Champion to be lost to the blight of Gremlin Syndrome. All have been young Angels, thirty cycles or less in service, the records report that 95% of all Angels lost since their inception have served fifty cycles or less before contracting this fatal affliction. Like all the others, she will have to give her farewells and embrace ritual purification at the hands of her brothers and sisters. It will be long after my death before her soul might be considered purified and ready to be awoken again to service – the material of her body is certainly unsalvageable. It’s time to wake her, time to tell her good bye…

Lord Ku tells me that this memory is important as well. It reminds me of the pain of loss – reminds me that even after ones death the pain and sadness affects others in epidemic fashion. Hundreds of mortals felt the pain of that Champion’s death, this suffering changed the resonance of their prayer, and this in turn caused the Maker sadness and suffering. It has also shown me that a situation that once seemed hopeless to so many, as in the case of managing the S.E.S. (Superior Empathy State), or more commonly known as Gremlin Syndrome, can improve with time. While the Maker’s condition may seem hopeless now, just as the Angel of my memory, there is hope.

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Past Incarnations - Threbin, Vat Technician, DA 3746

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