Entry Five - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^23, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Pole of Metal
(Hold of the Tunnel Tug ‘Goldie’)

We are nearing our destination, Shrin’Khal Aham’Kara. Fortunately, the path is little changed since last I traveled it – the bowels of the Maker seem to have been at rest these last few months. I had hopped to make better time, but as an outsider and untrusted, I felt it would be wrong to have lead the group along these paths without their advocacy. Still, the time wasted upon the pocket of methane was most frustrating. As a being of the Reaches, and my sister as well, I had expected the others would simply defer to our wisdom. Lord Ku warned me that the other members of the Assembly would be wary of my advice and Champions are known for stubbornness. Adaptability is an important virtue in a world that is ever moving, ever changing.

On the the 17th hour of our journey I met the girl-child that I have gazed upon for so long. That steely strength I saw from a distance, in person she puts damascus to shame, the adamant flecks blazing through to make my knees weak. I hung upon her every word, that so many questions were about me, my mind reeled. However, it seems our Shining One has taken it upon himself to define my nature. Spreading hatred and fear to the innocent like an enfeebling cancer, I have heart that she will stand strong against this slander, as she has against so much else. I could never visit harm upon Nüt and I will not abide a liar and a villain to corrupt her. He likely thinks himself a father and a protector. I defied everything for her, what is another soul to Lord Ku, the Minister of all the Dead? Yet, to me, she is the personification of the Makers works and of his salvation.

Humanity takes so much for granted. Tapping the veins of our Maker, making war against one another and laying his body to waste, using each other for personal gain rather than cooperating in service to the Maker. As I have said, “the actions of man are selfish and unworthy of the servitude of the Enlightened,” however there are always exceptions. Nüt is such an exception, her selflessness and purity, nearly all nascent humans are focused on their own needs and their own gratification. Already she is worthy of servitude and protection – for now is a fragile time and she could be corrupted by those of lesser vision. When I look upon her I can hear the song of the Maker again in my mind – echoing up from the depths of my past. Everything depends upon her, she is the divine messenger that will lead humanity back to its proper path. With me by her side, one thought lost, they will see how far they have wandered from His vision. They will see what the corruption of Man has done to our Maker – that we still have time to make it right.

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Entry Five - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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