Entry Eight - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

λ^26, Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876, Core
(Fallen Ixut)

The Despot stares up into the dead Core of the shattered city, eyes two bloody pools with twin rivers of red flowing down his cheeks, watching the flickering movements of the deceased Champion. “O, I hear your cries Ixit, your pain has brought you madness, but I’m watching. I’m watching you and your “Chosen”, and I have many eyes ‘Yellow Flower’.”

While the Despot still stares up to the ghostly Champion – Divine Minister Ku and Technician Aurnia walk out from the darkness into the sickly yellow glow given off by the Core. Ku’s voice carries across the dusty earth, “My child, we will speak before the Assembly continues its journey at the end of the morrow. Aurnia has informed me of what she gleaned from the minds of your Assembly. Unsurprisingly, the Champion of Ixut was resistant and shielded from such, ‘Integral Xanthic Umbel of Theomachrology’ mastered the science of ‘Mind-to-Machine’ just after the Nuradi First Progressive Era, over two-thousand years ago. She can not act as long as I remain here with the Core – her current state is necessary for the salvation of our world and Creator.” Lord Ku muses a moment, “I do not need to tell you to keep an eye on him – Ixut is an elder champion and whatever is left in,” Lord Ku waves a hand at the macabre dance of the tormented champion, “she no doubt wishes to escape our purposes for her.”

The Despot bows deeply to the Divine Minister, “Consider it done Lord Ku, is there anything else you would have of me?” Ku gives a sad smile, his lips serrated metal and eyes of black oil, “You might be surprised, or perhaps not, to hear that Tenacious Exemplar of Ascension was quite open to Aurnia’s probing, she believes his lusts and wish to please mortals to be the reason. He has many doubts about you son, he is looking forward to the day he can destroy you.” Ku turns and looks up to the Core and the yellow light plays across his black steel and adamant form, “I know about the child as well Despot – how you kept her from me and this gate.” Despot stands still and says not a word in the cold silence, Ku breaks it after several agonizing moments, “I am glad, it shows that you’re developing a greater mastery over your S.E.S. You can care for those other than the Maker – she’s special to you. I am sad to say that the Exemplar wishes to take that from you as well.”

The Despots eyes run with something other than blood now, Lord Ku turns and places his cold sharp hands on the sides of his son’s face even as the tears streams over them, “Do not allow your hopes to die. I would ask that you not act rashly or sunder the tools in my hands, but anything short of that, you have my blessing.” Lady Aurnia gives the pair a moment, then steps up to them, “My daughter supports your Lord Despot, however I felt a desire in her for the Exemplar, please do not make her take a side. I trust in your power and reputation…but please spare my daughter the pain.” The Despot bows to the both of them, “Lady Aurnia I would not seek to visit suffering to my sister, I will not force her hand, but know that Tex seeks to turn the others against me. I do not have the strength to stand alone as I am persecuted for what I am. What cruelty resides in the souls of men that they would condemn another for having been born with Gray Scale or given in to the blight of Rat Rot? Tex does not know what it is to feel the Maker’s suffering as I do – he seeks to take away everything. If I could beseech you Lady Aurnia, touch my mind and show him what I feel.” A look of stark terror crosses her eyes but when she looks to her Lord Ku, he gives a stern nod, “Y-yes Lord Despot.”

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Entry Eight - Third Shift of Steam, DA 4876

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