Custom - Champion Installed Artifice

Data Storage Stack

Cost: — [0m]; Mins: Intelligence 2, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Any mental Augmentation
This miniature tower of data crystals set in a lattice of starmetal and orichalcum is nestled near the Champion’s hippocampus. The Champion remembers everything which occurred in his presence since this Charm was installed. If this is contested by another effect, he gains (Intelligence / 2, rounded up) automatic successes or as a bonus to his MDV, as appropriate. Furthermore, the information he has stored informs his actions and predictions. Whenever the Exalt acts in such a way that uses the information he has gleaned as basis for an Intelligence-based action, he enjoys an automatic success added to the roll.

There is a flaw within this Charm of which its designers are not even aware. While it was being engineered, an Adamant Caste whose name is lost to history infiltrated the facility and introduced a bug in its memory storage subroutines. Consequently, Alchemicals who have the common version of this Charm installed are still subject to the Adamant anima effect as normal. Only Adamant metropoli have the “correct” version of their Charm in their databanks, and that is the version of the Charm which Adamants use.

Memory Integrity Firewall (Essence 3): In the event that an effect attempts to wipe away memories stored within the array without resistance, this Charm is considered a defense which perfectly protects that memory. The Champion gains one Clarity, in such a case.

Trend-Modeling Prediction Engrams

Cost: 7m, 1wp [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 6, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 6 in long ticks)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Exemplar 1, Internal
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Data Storage Stack

This network of starmetal-adamant nodes sockets into four points of the Champion’s cerebellum and route into his Data Storage Stack with microscopic white jade filaments. By tapping into the information stored in his Data Storage Stack and complementing it with his own impressive intelligence, the Alchemical becomes able to predict upcoming and ongoing events with impressive accuracy. In order to do this, the Alchemical activates this Charm and rolls Intelligence + a relevant Ability. Relevant Abilities include but are not limited to War for military actions, Bureaucracy for the activities of organizations (such as the Sodalities), or Socialize (for the actions of the Populat). The base difficulty for the roll is 0, with modifiers as follows.

Approximately one town or smaller — +0 difficulty
Approximately one branch of a city’s Tripartite — +1 difficulty
Approximately one patropolis or metropolis — +2 difficulty
Approximately one nation — +4 difficulty

Vague (will there be resource shortages?) – +0 difficulty
Somewhat accurate (will there be ration shortages?) – +1 difficulty
Accurate (will there be ration shortages enough to cause civil unrest?) – +2 difficulty
Accurate with details (will there be ration shortages enough to cause civil unrest? to what degree?) – +3 difficulty
Accurate with rich details (will there be ration shortages enough to cause civil unrest? to what degree? how quickly will the shortage and unrest escalate?)- +4 difficulty

One month or less — +0 difficulty
One season — +1 difficulty
Half a year — +2 difficulty
One year — +3 difficulty
Three years — +4 difficulty

Number of Exalted in the chosen group:
None — 0 difficulty
5 or less — +2 difficulty
More than 5 and as much as 10 — +4 difficulty
— +6 difficulty or more, at the storyteller’s discretion

Each scene spent studying the group while Data Storage Stack is installed reduces the difficulty of the prediction by one, to a total benefit of -(Essence) difficulty, minimum 1. If this Charm is successful, then the Champion produces a statistical model that covers the desired group’s activities to the chosen detail from the present out to the desired point in the future. Failures produce nothing while botches produce incorrect models. Any rolls made by those in leadership positions in regards to those they govern enjoy a +1 automatic success as long as they respond to the Alchemical’s predictive model. They can compile predictive models from multiple Champions, and as long as they plan in response to them, they can enjoy a total number of three automatic successes. If, instead, they’re responding to a model produced by a botch, then they raise the difficulty of every such action by 1. In the event that they use multiple flawed models, they raise the difficulty by one for each model, to a total of +3 difficulty.

Repeating Pneumatic Bow Submods

Multi-Projectile Release Mechanism
This submodule allows simultaneous firing of multiple projectiles using the Repeating Pneumatic Bow. The cost (projectiles * 2)m. Roll a single attack as normal, but repeat steps 7-10 a number of times equal to the projectiles fired. This number may not exceed the user’s Essence. Using this Submodule puts the user off balance from the force used to propel the shots, increasing the DV penalty to the number of projectiles fired divided by 2, rounded up. (Example: Roaring War of Progress fires 3 projectiles using his Repeating Pneumatic Bow. This costs him 6m, and a -2 DV penalty. He rolls the attack normally, and if he hits repeats steps 7-10 3 times.)
[edit]Protosynthetic Ammunition Replicator Submods
[edit]Explosive Ordinance Synthesizer
Installation of this Submodule allows the Protosynthetic Ammunition Replicator to create explosive ordinance as per the explosives in Scroll of Kings. The cost of creating the explosive ordinance is (Resources cost x 2)m, and may either be fired using a Repeating Pneumatic Bow, or alternatively thrown by the creator. The weapons created using this submod last for (Essence) actions before dissipating, unless they have persistent effects after use, such as a fire.

Perfection of Assembly Submodules

Humaniform Assemblage Reciever
This submodule extends the Alchemical’s ability to use Perfection of Assembly to allow non-Alchemicals/Alchemical Akuma to join the Assembly hivemind, through the use of a small headset that binds itself into the person in question. If the affected is an essence user, it costs 1m to attune to; non-essence users age 1.5x as fast as normal while the reciever is attached. This extends all the normal functions of Perfection of Assembly to those attuned. The usual caps on number of persons in an Assembly still applies.
Relay Extension Antennae
A small starmetal antennae array is installed in the Alchemical’s scalp, greatly extending his range he can use Perfection of Assembly with. Triple the maximum distance of the speaking function of Perfection of Asembly. This effect costs 2m to activate, and is committed with the normal cost of Perfection of Assembly.

Insightful Tactics Formulator

Cost: —; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Data Storage Stack
This orichalcum and moonsilver coprocessor slots into the Champion’s Data Storage Stack. This Charm allows the Champion to perform an “Aim action” on any type of action he wishes to perform, as long as that action occurs in combat, social combat, or mass combat time following the same general rules of an Aim action: each tick spent on focusing provides one bonus die. He spends 1m as an innate power each tick he wishes to “Aim” and formulates a strategy based on the wealth of knowledge he has stored in his Data Storage Stack. The maximum number of dice provided by this action is the number of scenes spent studying the subject while Data Storage Stack was installed or three, whichever is lower. This counts as dice added by Charms, as normal.

Limitless Strategy Node: The total number of dice able to be added through this Charm is changed (Essence) or scenes spent studying, whichever is lower.
Strategic Foresight Crystallizer (Intelligence 6, Essence 4): The Alchemical may activate the “Aim” action as normal but may store the dice it provides rather than using them on an action immediately. These stored dice expire after (Essence) actions if not used.

Speech-Filtering Collation Array

Cost: —(1m) [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal, Social
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Data Collection Storage Stack
This complex data processing engine of starmetal and gears of each of the fives types of jade fits into the front of the Champion’s brain, directly into his corpus collosum. This Charm filters the actions of others and combines disparate details into a larger picture which informs the Champion about the traits of others. Whenever the Exalt makes a social attack against a target or defends against an attack, he may pay 1m as innate power that does not count as Charm use. Doing so initiates a process that identifies any social trait, such as Intimacies, Backgrounds, or social Attributes that the target might possess. The Champion must interact with a target this way and activate this power a number of times equal to (5 – Essence), minimum 1 before he ascertains the trait he wishes to know.

Rigorous Action Analyzer (Intelligence 5): The Champion does not need for the passions of his target to be enlivened. The Champion may activate the above ability and spend (5 – Essence), minimum 1 long ticks interacting with the target in any social capacity that does not require social combat to receive the benefits of the Charm.
Communique Dissection Processor (Perception 4): Even the target’s writings reveal his intentions. The Whisper may activate the above ability and spend (5 – Essence), minimum 1 hours studying a manuscript, letter, or other piece of communication of the target’s. Doing so confers the normal benefits of this Charm. Only (Essence) traits may be ascertained this way.

Damage Control Engine

Cost: 6m, 1wp [1m]; Mins: Manipulation 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion, Internal, Social
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Data-Filtering Collation Array
Soulsteel antenna surround a starmetal-orichalcum array that is all placed in the rear of the Champion’s brain. Whenever a disaster or some negative event has occurred that could be damaging for the populace to become aware of, the Starmetal may interview any or all of the members who were involved in the unfortunate turn of events. When speaking with them, the Whisper may make a Manipulation-based social attack. If she exceeds the targets’ Dodge MDV, then they must instantly spend three Willpower or gain an Intimacy toward staying silent on the event they witnessed. Resisting this unnatural mental influence costs one point of Willpower to resist for an action, but it bears further consequences. Overcoming the mental influence alerts the Starmetal that someone has broken the enforced silence she has created, though she does not know who. The influence is broken entirely if a character spends five Willpower overcoming the emotion, which will end the Intimacy. Otherwise, the Duration for the effect is (Manipulation) weeks.

Traitorous Specificity Recognizer: With this submodule installed, the Starmetal caste becomes aware of the identity of the person who tried to break the silence on the matter.
Anti-Disaster Indoctrinator (Essence 4): The Whisper embeds the need for silence in the populace’s minds. The Champion may pay 3m surcharge when activating this Charm, which adds the Touch Keyword and changes the Duration of the Charm to Instant. Should he do so, the Emotion effect occurs as normal and remains in place without need to commit the motes. The rest of the functionality of the Charm still applies.
Resolute Damage Mitigator (Manipulation 5, Essence 5): The Champion’s will to maintain silence about the matter is nearly absolute. The Willpower cost needed to resist the initial effect and overcome it are both raised by one.

Amended Charms:

Chemical Fog Generator

Cost: 1m+ [1m]; Mins: Stamina 3, Essence 2;
Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Poison, Stackable
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
This bulky Charm fits snugly into the Alchemical’s torso, with an assortment of vent tubes branching out to exhaust ports in the Exalt’s skin and throat. When activated, the device churns out thick streamers of black smoke from as many of the vents as desired. The smoke billows into heavy clouds, rapidly filling a radius of (Essence) yards per mote spent. Up to a limit of (lower of Stamina or Manipulation) motes may be spent powering the Charm per action. When activated in conjunction with the Smoke Keyword, these limits are lifted. Each mote fills a radius of (essencex2) yard per mote spent as the nanomachines reweave surrounding essence and matter into smoke. The Stackable keyword permits the Alchemical to fill a progressively greater area with smoke by continuing to burn Essence, with smaller clouds adding their radius to the size of larger clouds with which they merge. The smoke lingers for one hour in still air, half that time in a light breeze, only (Stamina rating) minutes in a strong wind and one action in a hurricane gale. The Storyteller should extrapolate its longevity in other conditions using these guidelines. The murky black cloud imposes vision penalties as fog (see Exalted, p. 135), which means that defensive use applies appropriate visual penalties against the incoming attack. Additionally, the caustic, choking smoke acts as a poison to anyone caught within its radius who requires air. Characters holding their breath are unaffected until they are forced to breathe it. As a mild poison, the smoke has the following traits: (1B/1 hour, 2M, —/—, -1). Like all inhaled toxins, ongoing smoke inhalation only imposes a new dose every time the previous dose wears off and the victim is still breathing it. This means that initial contact runs its course after two hours, applying damage each hour as normal. After that time, a character still breathing it faces exposure for another two hours of being affected, et cetera. Only one gas-based submodule may be applied to any use of the Charm. Mixing gas formulae using separate activations catalyzes the joint cloud into the unmodified smoke, allowing Alchemicals to use this Charm defensively to counter the poison clouds of their enemies.

Custom - Champion Installed Artifice

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