Sovan Hvy. Transport

The Goldie




Master’s Workshop:

A master’s workshop comes with every tool one could want for mundane artifice, whether the craft is weaving, gem-cutting or alchemy. It certainly includes several tools of superior workmanship, and maybe a few of perfect workmanship or preserved from the Shogunate or Old Realm or build use lore still found in Autochthonia. Such a workshop costs Resources 4 to build and Resources 3 each month to maintain after heavy use, but does not penalize the rolls to create the artifact.

A Solar using a basic workshop supplemented by Craftsman Needs No Tools functions at this level.

Cargo Hold:

Large chamber (20×8×8) with 1280 cubic feet of dry storage space.

Crew Quarters:

Chamber (8×6×6) with two sets of bunk beds and a small desk/workstation.

Boiler Room:


Imperishable Foodstuffs: 600 Pounds
Metal Stock (Misc.): 9,900 Pounds
Drawn Metal Wire (Misc.) 2,000 Pounds
Demolitions: 0/5,000 Pounds
General Medical Supplies: 99 Pounds
Machining Equipment:
Fosi SM-007H Industrial CNC Lathe (Turning)
Janka PU-55 Fluid Boring Mill (Boring)
Janka PL-03 Laser Drill (Drilling)
Fosi FAS-7 Modular Rotary Broaching Machine (Broaching)
Fosi CU-7 Band Saw (Sawing)
Fosi CARE-55 Shaper (Shaping)
Janka AN-41 Combination Reamer (Reaming)
Crane Vehicle Mounted (20 Tons capacity)
Warchest (Magical Materials): 100 Pounds

Crafted Equipment:
(Poor Quality) Compressed Gas Container: 100 Pounds (currently holds weakly compressed Oxygen)

80 Yards of half inch diameter steel cord

Ventral Anit-Personnel Duel-Linked Flametongue Repeater
Dorsal Anti-Personnel Duel-Linked Essence Cannons

Captain: Tofa Russ

Crew lost or gone:
Logistics Chief: Helmil Hans

Sovan Hvy. Transport

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