Exurbs Map



13: The Capitol, Imtu. All Areas in red are exurbs and territories last know to be powered and otherwise safe. Chamber 52 being a safe haven quite near Ixut last Mator has heard, roughly 3 months ago.

99 and all adjoining chambers: These are the ruins of Ixut, divided into sectors for ease of salvage and traversal within the city.

1-3: Represent the city of Igris and her remaining Exurbs.

The majority of the Exurb Charms were held in Ixut, with the city lost Sova is left with a troublesome question: Build new charms in the remaining cities to fuel the remaining Exurbs, powering and feeding millions of lives but chance the same event that sank Ixut into the depths – or leave the people of the Exurbs to start, have the refuges assault the cities and become an enemy within Sova. A question with no good answer to be sure.


Exurbs Map

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