A popular instrument imported from Gulak

musical instrument

The Etherwave-Theremin, called an Etherphone in some places, is a musical instrument that relies upon manipulation of magnetic fields. It produces a wide range of sound, from deep thrumming bass to piercing shrieks, and excels at haunting melodies.

It originated in Gulak, and has made its way into the rest of the Octet through trade and cultural exchange. One of the current virtuosas of the art is Klara Rok-Mor from Gulak.

Clara Rockmore

Tenacious Exemplar of Ascension owns an especially compact and portable model, which he is fine-tuning for greater range and smoother output. It plugs into a small port on his left arm.

Tex's Theremin


A few suggestions for future “thereminists” – those who approach and welcome it, as yet another voice, with which to interpret real music, not a magic toy for producing strange and eerie sounds.

The very name of space-controlled ether-wave theremin should guide you. Don’t forget your whole body is an electro-conductor, in the electro-magnetic field and it is therefore necessary to control the slightest motion – not only of hands and fingers. Any involuntary motion, such as the head or shoulders can interfere with pitch and volume.

-excerpt from “Klara Rok-Mor Method for Theremin,” published in Gulak

[Out-of-Character Note: Clara Rockmore was a real pioneer of the Theremin, which is a real instrument. Examples may be found on Youtube and other video-sharing sites.]


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