(DDFC) Dialytic Device for the Filtration of Corruption

Black jade artifact cabable of hemodialysis and purification.


The chalice was made by Minister Ku as an additive measure in experimenting with controlling Apostates. The device can remove disease, poison, and even gremlin taint from the blood. The device also fortifies the blood and maintains it – giving some recuperative properties.

The DDFC can hold 7 pints of blood or equivalent at any time interval – its functions purifying the blood almost instantly (3 ticks per pint of blood). Further, the poison/disease/taint is forged into a seed over many uses. Eventually inhibiting the function of the device until removed.

‘The Despot’ and his familiar have explored this underused function to assist in the creation of new Weavers.

(DDFC) Dialytic Device for the Filtration of Corruption

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