Beta I: Stern Whip of Industry

Beloved hero of Sova, Red Jade Caste Champion


“Strive harder, comrades. I will show you how.”

Powerfully built Red Jade Alchemical who takes great joy in working with his hands. Of all his traits, his jovial and cheerful demeanor are best known. It is also well known that his sense of humor is sorely lacking, despite his closeness to humanity.


When the populate of Sova ask what they should do in these troubled times,he has counseled clear-
headedness, decisive action, unity and a firm focus on resolving the problems of today to reach the shining glories of tomorrow—all traditional Sovan values.

These simple goals and methods have thrown him into conflict with the rapidly changing sociopolitical landscape of his homeland. He’s not quite sure how it happened, but Stern Whip of
Industry has become a rallying-point for the traditionalist element in Sovan society, now a decided minority.

Beta I: Stern Whip of Industry

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