Charlie II: Ku-Do

Daiymo of Cleansing, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smoke


Ku-Do is a Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smaoke. Made of supercritical fluid; Ku-do’s substance can effuse through solids like a gas, and dissolve materials like a liquid. Having mastery over her own form, she can exert mental pressure till she takes a roughly humanoid form, or free herself and fill vast chambers with her caustic being.

Dragons of Smoke are the most terrifying combatants within The Maker and can lay waste to huge areas. Immune to debase attacks of pressure and impact – only attacks made predominantly of essence can mar their flesh and even then that is nearly futile when their form is life the fog bank and roiling over the earth – such an attack would be a pin prick.


Ku-Do’s primary task is moving through small gremlin zones, eliminating all life forms, then purifying the area as a cloud of caustic acids. As one of the smaller L.E.D.‘s, Divine Minister Ku ofter brings her with him on forays into territory outside his control. Ku-Do is composed of more elements than any other L.E.D. of Smoke other than the Shogun. This proves very useful for countless challenges oddly enough. She’s assisted Ku with crafting relics, neutralizing areas of toxic gas from population areas, and removing oxidation from corroded areas of The Maker’s flesh.

She enjoys the power she has and sometimes shows off when she has an audience. Ku-Do is a bit of a drama-queen and enjoys the attention and loves to gossip and talk when her duties of cleansing or other tasks leave a time of relaxation. Other than Ku, the world is very much a thing that exists from her point of view. This stubborn inability to see others perspectives can make Ku-Do troublesome to communicate with.

Charlie II: Ku-Do

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