Charlie III: Imtu

Orthodoxical City of Sova



Imtu, long standing capitol of Sova, truly a ‘Monument of Glory’. Built into the hardened slag of a cold, dead shaft, Imtu is not only the national capital, but the heart of Sovan culture—and the seat of every dynasty of prominence. The people of Imtu grow worried, immigrants flood their streets. First the survivors from the destruction of Ixut, but now from all the exurbs that grow could without their beating heart. Food has grown scarce and material for repair even more so – even as the populate scream in the streets for war, costly war, to take from Yugash or any of the Octet Nations for that matter.

The National Tripartate Council hear these cries, feel the desire of the populate in their hearts, and refute them for the survival of Sova…

Charlie III: Imtu

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