Beta II: Hallin Gomir

Primarch of the Hallin Clan and Dean of the Trans-Spiritual Research Institute


“No, Champion, you serve us – do not presume to make demands upon us. You’ve caused a death of one of our own when you could have removed the danger. This blood is on your hands Champions.”

Primarch Hallin is an ancient man – in his nineties. Even before taking the ‘Jaunt’ he looked near to death. His skin pale and sickly, eyes clouded, and a stink upon his breath of some rot deep within. Death has actually somewhat aided his appearance. Eyes are no longer glossy and wet, the thaumaturgical rituals have cleansed the stink of death and rot from his breath, his skin is is firmer and stronger than the paper it once was.


Primarch Hallin became the lord of his clan over a decade ago and has done much to maintain and solidify the strength of the House despite the troubles of this darkening era. Hallin Gomir served within the Olgotary for nearly a half century. Even today he has influence – for many who now hold station got their starts from his nod. When his health began to decline he moved to work at the Trans-Spiritual Research Institute, an organization that owed its existence largely to the bills and charters he pushed through the government. Taking his seat as Dean of the College – great strides have been made here as well. Advancements in the understanding of the soul and stranger things…

Beta II: Hallin Gomir

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