Beta I: Ascendant of the Ebon Adulation

Respect! Show it!


A Soulsteel regulator who takes his job very seriously – he wears thick plates of armor that mesh seamlessly with his augmented flesh. While a tough nut on the force, he has a great passion for his House and has taken a lover and two orphaned nephews under his care. Keeping the streets safe and his family happy – such a dream is becoming difficult and his temper shows the inner turmoil within.


A fiery Soulsteel tasked with keeping the peace in Sector R-4 within the capitol Igris. With descent of the leadership and simple fear on the rise his job has become much more demanding – eating into personal time and making him irritable that his connection to friends and family will grow cold. Aid is welcomed, but would require constant effort and dedication to make a dent in the rapidly increasing reports of assaults and heretical gatherings.

Most recently Ebon was made commander of the watch – maintaining and leading the regulators assigned to immigration and customs enforcement. Any temporary visas given are signed off on by watch commander (Ascendant of the Ebon Adulation) or a ranking member of the Tripartite.

Beta I: Ascendant of the Ebon Adulation

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