Beta I: Duplicitous Emmision of the Vocal Ascendant

White Jade Champion, She Has Used Her Voice to Sooth and Incite


Gorgeous, impressive, majestic, and that only describes her profile seen at a distance. D.E.V.A is a powerful force within the hearts and minds of the Sovan people. Caring, loving, and supportive – few Champions can profess to be so closely tied to the Peoples of Sova.


D.E.V.A. is a confused and complex Champion, but that’s part of her mass appeal, the Populat see her as a Champion and as a human-being. Moral soars when she holds a concert in one of the cities or burbs of Sova, she has even toured in other Nations of the Octet, but she is also known for encouraging work strikes and speaking against the Edicts of the Theomachracy. She has hundreds of admirers and hangers on and her understanding of the Human soul is likely more in tune than any other Champion in the Nation. She is both a boon and a curse, frankly, no one knows what to do with her.

Beta I: Duplicitous Emmision of the Vocal Ascendant

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