Charlie I: Divinin Minister Domadamod

Divine Minister of Reuse, Repair, Recycling and Cannibalism. God of Maintenance, Regulatory Stasis, Survival, Conservation and Noble Sacrifice. Enlightened Guardian of the Eternal Cycle.


The least anthropomorphic of the Maker’s brood, Domadamod appears as a misshapen figure of discarded pipes, tubing and broken glass bound into a crudely humanoid shape.


Born of Autochthon’s obsessive need to survive, no matter the cost, Domadamod holds dominion over every practice that allows an Autochthonian to extend her life, if only for just another day. It is a testament to the grimness of life in Autochthonia that a Divine Minister should hold the practice of cannibalism within his purview. This is not to say that cannibalism is a well-regarded practice, even among Domadamod’s cultists, but when all other food stocks have been depleted, it is considered neither a crime nor a taboo to eat the flesh of another person provided that Domadamod gives his blessing to the meal. Less luridly, Domadamod also holds dominion over Autochthonia’s vast recycling systems and over most repairmen of any type.

Charlie I: Divinin Minister Domadamod

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