Charlie I: Divine Minister Ku

Divine Minister of the Reaches and the Far Reaches, Seals and Thaumaturgy. God of Mystery, Fear and Death. Chief Regulator of the Element of Smoke.


Ku’s usual visage is the most frightening of all the Ministers’. His is a skeletal form of pure soulsteel, with bones and ribs made of re-purposed pipes and tubes. His head is formed from a mutilated soulsteel helmet.


Both hated by and essential to the functioning of the Maker, Ku represents those parts of Autochthon that the Maker wishes he could excise: his fear, his doubt and his awareness of his own failures. The least loved of the Eight Ministers, most Autochthonians view Ku as a bogeyman, if not an actual god of evil, and nearly every unfortunate or tragic event is blamed on him. This does not deprive him of worshipers, however. Like Mog, many Autochthonians pray ceaselessly to Ku that he simply ignore the worshiper and not visit destruction upon her. For all the dread that Ku inspires, however, he too has his role to play. The youngest of Autochthon’s component souls, Ku represents the Maker’s fears but he also exists in part to see that those fears are not made manifest. Of all the Ministers, Ku is the one who is most proactive in seeking to understand the Void that surrounds the Maker and the blights and gremlins that tear at his innards.


Charlie I: Divine Minister Ku

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