Beta II: Caeroesi Helmi

Theorist and researcher at the Trans-Spiritual Research Institute


In her late forties, Helmi has a stern face of one who has fought hard in life to achieve her dreams. Through the veil of years one can still see the beauty of her youth, other than a few wrinkles and graying hair, she keeps her body tight and maintained. One can only assume this is now how she will always look – a hard mature woman who has given her all to the world. Compassionate, intelligent, diligent and at times selfless – Caeroesi Helmi is much cherished by her peers.


Caeroesi Helmi was born and raised in Igris. Her mother was a member of the theomachracy maintaining moral and speaking the words and wishes of the maker as a Lector, likely where Helmi drew her love of humanity from. Her father was a member of the Glorious Luminors, tending the multitude of lights and relays within the sancums of the theomachracy – where he meet Helmi’s mother. He’s ever been a diligent worker and even at the age of 72, he still tends to take charge.

Helmi studied at the National Lyceum of Aplied Sciences, graduating with honors. After years educating the next generation in the fields of physics and closed loop energy theory – she was personally invited to teach at the Trans-Spiritual Research Institute by the esteemed Primarch Hallin. For the last several years she has taken her ‘preserved energy loop’ theory and applied it the the matter of the soul. The development of the ‘Jaunt’ technique is largely attributed to a foundation built upon her knowledge and research.

Beta II: Caeroesi Helmi

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