Beta II: Brother Sabis

Overseer of Exurb Chamber 52


Brother Sabis has held the moral and brotherhood of the populace of Chamber 51 together in the face of unending torments and horror. Only months into the black out, it was Brother Sabis who instated the executive order that family names were to be forgotten and everyone was a brother and sister under the eyes of the Maker. His statements and actions were not to instill equality, but unity, and it’s worked so far.

Brother Sabis is pragmatic and charismatic, honed by the fires of war, he is an exemplar of humanity. While Champion Evocation of Lustrious Transmutation is off putting and even disturbing to the general populace, Sabis understands that it’s her actions and not his that have truly saved the people thus far.


Beta II: Brother Sabis

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