Beta II: Aurnia


Aurnia is still young to be considered a mother to Sys, were the circumstances different. Yes, despite the fact that Sys appears a full grown woman, Sys is only a little over one year of age. Aurnia ‘had’ or rather helped create Sys when she was in her late-twenties. For a woman so mature – many of her coworkers question her sanity in relation to how Sys’ personality has turned out. Everything Aurnia had ever said about Syscal was present in Sys and Sys had an unnatural bond to Aurnia. Her flesh and blood daughter had been talked about at length before Sys was “born,” but after that, it was almost as if Aurnia no longer even knew who Syscal was. When another vat tech brought her up, Aurnia always responded with a blank confused stare. The other vat techs want nothing to do with this aberration and only approach Sys when she is in torpor and only then to conduct maintenance. Despite it all, Aurnia has escaped punishment from Lord Ku. It seems he has other plans for her…

The question all the techs whisper when they are alone, how did Aurnia do it? The Champions are composites of their pasts – how did this happen. What they do know, the soul of Syscal was not present in the soul composite of this Champion, it simply makes no sense.


Aurnia was a young woman when she gave birth to her daughter, Syscal, but she wasn’t prepared to lose her daughter to illness. Syscal was 12 whdn she succumed to the unknown illness. Aurnia was devestated, so she left her job and sat at home. One day, she felt a strange calling, a song, and then she passed out. When she awoke, she was in the Pole of Crystal, working as a Vat Technition, for who knows how long.

Eventually, the order came for a new Adamant Alchemical to be constructed. Aurnia was put in charge. Without permission from the higher ups (though it may have been part of Ku’s plan all along), she designed the Alchemical to look and even sound like her lost daughter. When the Alchemical awoke, she spoke her name, bringing a smile to Aurnia’s face. Sys lived with Aurnia, calling her mother, at least in private and the two were very close.

When Ku arrived to take Sys for her mission, Aurnia was sad. She has asked Ku if she could go stay with Sys, as she was sure that no one in Sova knew how to work on an Adamant Caste. Unbeknownst to her, Sys has asked the same thing.

Beta II: Aurnia

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